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Future-proofing your research: Moving Towards Open & Reproducible Research

June 4, 2019 @ 9:30 am - 4:00 pm CEST


Few researchers can have missed references to the so-called “reproducibility crisis” in the sciences and social sciences. However, a recent cross-faculty Open Research café at Lancaster University
highlighted differences in discipline norms, and varying levels of awareness about protocols, routines and routes to robust, reliable and replicable research. Furthermore, research students, early career, or even experienced researchers who are used to different ways of working, may not know where to start, or have concerns about changing their practices. Achieving “Open Research” can feel like a gargantuan goal; an impossible task that can only happen with complete reform, and buy in from institutions at all levels. Therefore, the aim of this workshop is to work towards an open research model by showing all delegates that there are actions everyone can take to improve the reproducibly of their research, even if it is just one step at a time.


This one-day training event, represents a collaboration between open research groups at Lancaster and Manchester, and Lancaster University Library, and would be of direct benefit to attendees by enhancing their understanding of open research methods, and encouraging them to keep reproducibility in mind when planning and implementing their research. The workshop provides an opportunity, away from other pressures, with the space, time and support available to enable people to learn of recent innovations that can support them in taking real steps towards increasingly open methods that will be relevant to their current research project, and valuable in the longer term. It is also intended that experienced academics who supervise researchers and PhD students could gain insights into the latest open research practices and be better equipped to support their staff and students in these endeavours.

Plan of Activities

This one-day event will be split into two main components: A session incorporating presentations focussed on cutting-edge approaches to achieving open and reproducible research, followed by a workshop on developing best practice.

The first part of the day will consist of a series of talks demonstrating how open research practices are achievable at each stage of the research cycle, from conceptualisation and planning to publication and dissemination. Talks will be delivered by experts, and PhD students with relevant experience of open research practices (e.g., PhD students who have been involved in high-profile, large-scale, multi-site empirical studies). The aim of part 1 is to inform and inspire delegates regarding what is possible and achievable across a complete research pipeline.

The second part of the day consists of a hands-on workshop, in which delegates will be able to work with experts and each other to identify areas of their own research where open research practices could be adopted. The aim of part 2 is for delegates to identify and commit to at least one change that brings them closer towards open research than they were when they came, be it starting to pre-register empirical studies, committing to sharing data on public repositories, or simply switching to open source software packages.


PROSPR and Lancaster University Library


Lancaster University Library
The Library, Room C130
Lancaster, LA1 4YH United Kingdom
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